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Why Moore·Faust Injury Law Group?

We are an A+ rated injury law firm. Our contingency fee can be lower because unlike other law firms we exclusively handle insurance injury claims. For over 25 years our injury lawyers have collected millions of dollars for accident injury victims in the Midwest including South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska.

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Experts in Accident and Injury Claims

We help clients resolve their claims and get the settlements they deserve in the Midwest including South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska. Some law firms try to do everything — criminal, divorce, bankruptcy, you name it. Moore·Faust Injury Law Group is a professional law corporation with one focus: injury and wrongful death insurance claims.

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For What It's Worth — Injury Insurance Claim Settlement Calculator

We will provide you an estimate of the approximate value of your injury claim relating to motor vehicle and traffic accidents.

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When it comes to accident & insurance injury claims, we’re on your side

The insurance company has professionals working to limit what you receive — you should have professionals on your side who will help you receive the full amount you deserve.

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